Colbys Hokey Pokey

Our Crew make the difference.

The Tenants

The Tenants rent store space within the 4,500 sq ft of Colbys Hokey Pokey. They have the talent and creative vision to find and transform useful items to sell at the Hokey Pokey, to give them a whole new life in your home. Tenants are the customer service people that work shifts at the store, they greet you, make the coffee, answer the phone and your questions and stage the displays, dust & clean. They are the hard working people freezing or sweating in the Alley selling for cash their finds or diamonds in the rough. They haul trailer loads of heavy furniture so you will be the first to see their work. Colbys Hokey Pokey is very lucky and thankful to have such a talented and dedicated crew.


These are people that may be are moving, upgrading or changing style with something else they found at Hokey Pokey, downsizing or clearing their relatives home and have solid wood furniture to bring to the store. They have to meet the same quality standards as the tenants, however do not work the store. Consignors agree to split 50/50 the sale price with the Hokey Pokey and reduce the price 10% each 30 day anniversary it does not sell to the max of 60% off or 2 dollars, whichever is more.  Look for an anniversary date on the price tag for the automatic reduction on these items.


These are the people with a skill much like those you see at juried art fairs. They have to offer something unique however to display at the Hokey Pokey. They supply the unique display and agree to exclusivity (you won't find them in other area stores). They are proud of their art and visit the store minimum monthly to restock. Artisans  receive 70% of their sales.

Please contact a manger at the store if you'd like to be part of the crew. Show the Manager what you have.

Our Crew

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COLBYS Hokey Pokey
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